Smart classrooms could address teacher shortage – Manickchand

Digital Technology’s Terrence Sukhu explains how the smart classroom works in the company of Mr Yoganand Indarsingh.

As part of its efforts to address a shortage of teachers, the Ministry of Education just recently decided to introduce smart classrooms. With this feature in place, it is expected that a teacher would be able to deliver sessions from a classroom in Georgetown and have it transmitted simultaneously to another classroom in a remote area, providing that internet access is available.
Already benefiting from this technological feature is the North Ruimveldt Secondary School which just last week was elevated to an ‘A’ List school. The interactive feature has the capacity of making just about any wall suitable for delivering…

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Digital Technology launches new store at Brickdam

—to offer Guyana’s IT market a range of digital signage

DIGITAL Technology (DT) has launched its new location at 74 Brickdam, Georgetown under the theme ‘Completely redesigned, new features, new solutions, new location packed with surprises’.Speaking at the launch, CEO Mr. Terrence Sukhu said, “DT has grown to be one of the premier technology-based companies in Guyana; and over the past 10 years, the company has actively promoted localisation and multicultural integration among all.”

Declaring that DT has formed strategic partnerships with some of the most renowned IT solutions manufacturers around the world, and has recently added LG Electronics…

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GCCI Annual Report 2013/2014

In this era where customers are recognized as one of the most important elements of the purchasing process, it is good to know that at one particular IT/Electronics company in Guyana, the customer is not only purchasing a product but also acquiring an entire company's support. And product support is what Digital Technology (D.T) is known for.

The core brands offered by D.T are Dell, LG & CyberPower. The strategic alliances with these major brands, enables D.T to offer their clients very competitive pricing, manufacturer's warranty and value-added services on all equipment and services. The partnership with DELL has…

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